The Veterinary Technician Hero

by Renee Marples, RVT

I have been a Registered Veterinary Technician for over a decade now and this is my personal shout out to all the techs out there in the cyber-verse for all that you do each and every day.

So let’s start off the adventure of tech life with why we all went to school and started in practice to begin with – WE LOVE ANIMALS!!  Those adorable, fuzzy, whiskered, wagging tail, meowing monkeys that pull at our heartstrings the minute they walk into our lives.  We wanted to make the sick healthy again, fix the wounds and ensure their life is happy and healthy as long as possible.  I don’t know about you but man was I ever blown away by the extent of knowledge, compassion, endurance, restraint and thick skin we would need on a daily basis.  Needless to say, I fell in love with the whole thing instantly.

Now for the realistic part – who knew how much time, effort and emotional fatigue that would come when we found out a HUGE portion of the job was working with owners.  Don’t get me wrong…this actually became my favorite part of the job, but it was a huge portion that most young technicians just do not think about.

When we take a look at health care professionals in human medicine there are so many individual specialties – you pick ONE to focus on and go.  As a tech we learn them ALL….not to mention being exhausted, overly caffeinated students learning it all in 2-3 years of school no less!  Fellow technicians let me throw this out to you – YOU are a superstar superhero each and every day!  I know this for a fact.  Our DVM’s get a ton of credit and love from owners but this my friend is a shout out for all that you do.

So what does it actually look like to be a tech in one single day?  We are laboratory technicians, nutritionists, radiologists, anesthesiologists and dental hygienists.  We are specialized in critical care, emergencies, rehabilitation, hospice care, orthopedics and pediatric nursing.  I am just getting started!  We are trainers, wound repairers, vetrap artists, groomers, pharmacists, physical therapists, babysitters, janitors, dog wranglers and feline burrito masters.  Regularly you are a counselor, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to cry with,inventory specialist, manager, client communicator, DVM advisor and a teacher.  

Most importantly of all – you dear tech hero are someone that can be TRUSTED.  You are relied on by all aspects of the team and your clients.  The patients rely on you as someone they can trust in a scary place.  We are masters at baby talk, accept kisses, give kisses, love to play and treat them as family.  Clients rely on you to treat their fur baby with as much love as they provide them – or even more.  Reception seeks your advice with all questions and concerns because you are educated and love to help.  Managers rely on you to keep the team motivated and operations running smoothly even through the chaos.  Most importantly, your DVM’s need you every single day.  Without you a DVM’s day will come to a screeching halt.  

The message I want you to hear my beloved technician out there is that you are NEEDED.  You are ESSENTIAL to a practice.  What you do each and every day is incredible.  There are days when we are covered in bodily fluids, go home in tears, help bring a life into the world or save a life from an emergency.  It is all those different aspects of our job that make us all so wonderful and keep each and every day in hospital unique.

You, dear tech, are INCREDIBLE.  You may not hear this every day, especially in the crazy moments, but hear it now:

You are a superhero in your profession and we THANK YOU for your dedication each and every day! ❤



Renee Marples is a Registered Veterinary Technician and Hill’s Territory Manager for Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada. Originally from ON, Renee graduated from Georgian College back in 2006 and now lives in AB with her husband Adam and their fur babies LuLu a 9yr old terror terrier and Ty a 10 yr old DSH forever kitten.